The Next Generation of Customer Support

Jenny is a conversational AI that brings a smart layer to companies’ existing Customer Service Infrastructure, aiming to make customer care more effective with smart automation.

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Be smarter, respond faster

With the help of Machine Learning, we can take the weight off of your staff and answer the most
common questions, improving response times and number of resolved cases immediately.

Gain a new team member

Jenny learns from your existing chat support database in any language you already support. Using our API, she can answer through every channel you use.

Smart layer

She also helps your existing staff by analysing incoming questions and suggesting her best guess answer to your agents who can choose the correct one with a click of a button.

Train easily

Jenny learns from your daily operations. Every answer your agents provide to the customers makes her smarter, automating more conversations down the road.

Features & Benefits

Integrate into your existing platform

No additional costs of moving your whole operation to a different provider - Jenny uses the same tech stack as you do.

Localized answers

Whatever language you already support, we do too.

Chat database analysis

We tell you your most common chat topics - which can be automated immediately. We can also mine this data to gain insight from your customers on how to improve your service.

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